The Help of System Tray Cleaner is under construction, for now. Please contact us for questions and improvement suggestions!

The steps to using System Tray Cleaner:

1. double-click on the System Tray Cleaner icon which is located in your System Tray. If you can't find it there, just start the System Tray Icon from your Start Menu, and try again.

2. please wait while System Tray Cleaner analyzes your system tray icons, and finds out what each program does. This analysis is performed with the help of the online STC server.

3. A web page will open automatically. This web page is located on the STC server and contains full information about your system tray icons. The web page looks something like this: stc-small

4.Click on any icon to read more information about it. This detailed information looks like the image bellow. stc-small

5. After clicking on an icon and reading information, you have up to 3 black buttons at your disposal:

- End Task - stops the program immediately
- Remove from StartUp - removes that program from your startup, so it doesn't start automatically any longer
- Uninstall - uninstall that program

If certain actions can not be performed for a program, the corresponding blue button is NOT shown for that program.